Sunday, August 23, 2009

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" Remember that song? If you do you are my age or older. This was a Vietnam War protest song back in the 60's sung by Peter Paul and Mary. They were the folk singers of the day along with Bob Dylan. By the way, Bob Dylan is going to put out a Christmas album. That ought to be something. Or, maybe not.

Anyway, I looked at the hanging flower pots in front of my house and I asked, "where have all the flowers gone." I think they disappeared into the heat and, parched soil. I said to myself, "it is impossible to grow flowers in Colorado." 

Well, today we went to Estes Park and discovered that all the flowers moved there. They have scads of flower displays and every display is perfect. No kidding! They looked better than in the International Peace Gardens located between North Dakota and Canada. Vivid colors, no dead foliage, every plant, every flower was perfect. Nuts! I always forget my camera when I should have it! And was it ever nice up there today.

And guess what? Starbucks came through again! Yes, sir! They had the greatest coffee and even had the mini scones that Audrey prefers. We each ate one-and-a-half. And we sat amids the flowers, in the shade along the peaceful babble of the Big Thompson River. Ya, the Big Thompson is peaceful this time of year. Throughout the Big Thompson Canyon, fishermen were everywhere. I really don't understand why people live in any other state...... but I'm glad they do. 

I'm sitting with a cup of Starbucks right now. It's amazing how well you can write when you drink good coffee. I just wish the stock market analysts would drink some Starbucks. Perhaps their forecasts wouldn't be so gloomy and the market would go up, and we would make some money, and I could retire and go fishing on the Big Thompson. Yes, sir! I believe that if Mr. Obama would drink more Starbucks it would change his way and he could be a good president! He probably drinks Folger's and that's where all our problems stem from.

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