Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missing Out Again!

Yep! We're missing out again! We have a clunker, 1998 Toyota Avalon. We're thinking about trading it in. But our car, which we have owned for 12 years and has over 100,000 miles on it is not on the list of clunkers. No cash for us.

Remember those $800 stimulus checks. We didn't get that either. Then there were those other stimulus checks that we didn't get either. But we do get to pay taxes, lots of them. 

We get to work hard and bust our butts, the government confiscates our money and gives it to others. It's not that we don't give to charity, we gave over $25,000 last year. It's not that we want others to be poor, but, sheesh! how about them earning it themselves. 

We missed out on the airport noise money, too. That's right, in Thornton they are giving away money because of the airport noise. Of course you have to use the money to install new doors, windows, or to insulate, or something like that. Well, my neighbor qualifies while we do not. I mean, we hear just as much noise as our neighbor does. But there is no fairness here. If my neighbor doesn't want to work, he is rewarded with a new patio door. Because we work hard, we are rewarded by buying our own patio door. Now, I have no problem buying my own patio door or anything else we need. But it is the principle of the thing.

Now I have a question. Why should I continue to give to charity when the government helps itself to my money and redistributes it? Well, we give because we believe in what we are giving to. We will continue to give. But I'm telling you that over 50% of our money disappears between taxes and charity. If we paid fewer taxes we would buy a new car... and guess what? The government would collect more taxes through the sale of the car, more taxes from the dealership, and more taxes from the transport company, and more taxes from the manufacturers. But government is stupid. Those in government don't understand this principle. A free market economy would provide government with more money to do their stupid things. 

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