Monday, August 31, 2009


Every now and then it is nice to have a this and that day. That is exactly what this day was. Of course, every good this and that day has to start out with a good cup of coffee.... or two. Today it was Dunkin Donut coffee, but not at Dunkin' Donut and without the donut. 

So it was Dunking Donut coffee at 5:30 this morning. Then I drove Audrey to the airport in her new Prius. So far it is averaging over 48 mpg. Then it was to Starbucks for a cup and to review my stocks. Then it was off to SilTerHar Motors for a free oil change on the Avalon. Then it was off to Discount Tires for a free repair and rotation. 

In the midst of all this I answered the phone plenty of times and actually set two appointments for estimates. I also drove over to a clients place to pick up a worthless buckle that my client was worried about. I drove to another clients house to check on the progress of the work. 

I sure am going to miss Audrey this week. I think I will assuage my loneliness by drinking...... coffee. (what else?)

We now have two white vehicles in our garage, but I had better not spill coffee on the seats of one of them. I'm afraid the Prius will never get properly broke in. I am restricting myself to driving mostly the F-150 and the Avalon. 

I think they are done fixing the tire, so I'd better finish my coffee and go.

Until next time, don't chew the dregs. 

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