Saturday, August 8, 2009


What should a person do when he owns 5,000 shares of Ford Motor and another 3,000 options. Why.... he should buy..... a Prius. Somebody must have put something in my coffee. It must have been her. You know who she is. 

After a lot of research and trying out several cars, we decided on the Prius. That should really help our oil stocks. But the decision seemed right. We wanted a red one so we bought a white one. That also seemed right considering the other color was black. And it was the same price as the Camry hybrid. What made us do it? It just seemed right. Our second choice was the Ford Fusion. No, not the hybrid. It was just more comfortable, quieter and handled better than the Camry. The Prius was also more comfortable and it gets 52 mpg.

So for us, the Prius is the winner. Do you want some of my coffee? Or maybe someone put something in her tea!

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