Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet Rachel

Hey everybody! Meet Rachel!  

Rachel is a sweetheart. She is the adopted daughter of my brother and sister-in-law. She is eleven years old and is a pleasure to be around. She is also a special needs child. Rachel is autistic. She is very blessed to have Curt and Lorie as her parents. They understand her and care for her every need. They have had the resources to attend to her special needs medically and otherwise. 

Rachel, with her dad and mom, stayed with us in Thornton for nearly a week. I hope we were good enough hosts. This gave me an opportunity to get to know Rachel much better. Always before it was a couple of hours now and then when we visited Phoenix. I didn't really get to know her. But this was a great time. I found out that Rachel loves parks and she loves snow. So we took a trip up to Vail, and a Vail Pass we found snow and played for a while. Rachel is a bright fun loving kid who loves french fries.

This picture of Rachel, Curt, and Lorie was taken on our back deck.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When I was a teen there was a song entitled, "The Fool on the Hill," and it talked about the world spinning around. I never got the gist of the song then, but I think I do now. Only, the song should be entitled "Fools on the Hill." Yes, congress is a bunch of fools on Capitol Hill, and our nation is now being led by the biggest fool of them all. 

One thing about fools is that they don't know how to keep their mouths shut to avoid a bad thing. Shortly after being elected, Obama shot his mouth off a lot. Every time the markets showed signs of recovery he had to make a speech and the markets went down deeper than before. Of course everybody's retirement account went down with the market. Then somebody told Obama to shut up. And guess what? the markets began to recover and Americans began to see hope again. 

Well, today Obama was back at it. And guess what? the markets had a huge drop off right after his speech. I've have never before seen anyone so high minded and conceited in his own stupidity. If Obama keeps making speeches, it will be a long ways to economic recovery. this means there will be higher unemployment on two counts: 1) Those who would normally be retired will be seeking jobs to make ends meet , and 2) Companies and Corporations will not be able to rehire as fast as they would otherwise.

Mr. Obama, you can no longer blame this on Bush, you have been president 9 months now. This is your baby. So Mr. Obama, after you take our retirement away and force us on government run health care, how else do you intend to torture us? Do you really think you are going to be re-elected just simply because you "look different than any other president?" Excuse me Mr. Obama, I will judge you, not based on your skin color, but based on how you treat me, my friends, my family, the people of my city, state, and the USA in general. So far you have zero brownie points. (no pun intended).

Furthermore, Mr. Obama, your Democratic majority will go away with the next election. The US population is tired of voting for liars and fools. You know this is true. Several of your comrades are already in trouble in their states and districts. You may be rejoicing because of Joe Wilson's ill-timed statement in joint-session (true though it may be) because his opponent is receiving lots of donations. But remember this, Mr. President: Joe Wilson's campaign Fund is also receiving lots of donations. 

Mr. Obama, I do not know who will run against you in the next presidential election, but mark my words, who ever it is, they will defeat you. A leopard cannot change his spots and a fool will always be a fool.

Do I hate you Mr. President? Emphatically NO!  I only hate what you are doing to our country. May God somehow save your soul..... if you have one. Perhaps we'll find that when we find the birth certificate you have so rigorously made unavailable. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bull Market

We are currently in one of the best bull markets I have ever seen. Those who bought stocks or equities in March are being greatly rewarded. If you get into the market now, you will also see great increases over the next several months. As financial institutions sell off their toxic assets they are slowly getting well. By the looks of their stock price AIG is getting well fast. The down days on the market aren't so bad and the good days can be really good.

There are some really big winners that are leading the market back to health. They include Goldman Sachs, Apple, Visa, Citigroup, AIG, Ford Motor, and some of the steel companies. Energy has also been a big winner, but not ExxonMobil, ConnocoPhillips, or Chevron. It's been companies like Mc Dermott International, Noble Corporation, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Quick Silver, and Halliburton. Many others could also be listed. What? you've never heard of (KWK) Quick Silver? Too bad, they have made over 70% for us this year.

If you invest $10,000 now, next year at this time you should have over $20,000. Do the match for greater amounts. But don't just open the financial page and plunk your finger down on a stock. Find companies that have the knack for being successful in a market with potential. Proven companies like Apple, Goldman Sachs, US Steel. Did you know that Goldman Sachs had their best quarter ever during this recession? And, their next quarter results look even better? Did you know that Citigroup is going to sell more shares, then do a seven to one reverse split. AIG's reverse split has resulted in skyrocketing growth. And guess what? Citigroup is really cheap right now. Hint, hint.

Also, traders who left the market during the recession are returning. More money in the market usually means higher stock prices. And during a bull market they are usually not going to be short selling. The more I ramble on here, the more I like the market.

Man, my Starbucks tastes really good right now. A message to my brother Curt...... Hang on to your C, GS, and AAPL. And sorry, Curt, AIG is already up $5 today.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stock Picks

The recession has presented a golden opportunity to buy stocks. I said months ago that stocks were really cheap, and even now, though some of them have a high price tag, they are still cheap. Those who wanted to complain about the market and the economy, and those who did nothing with their money have really lost out on one of the best growth times in the last 20 years. 

Heavy weight stocks that are still cheap includes Goldman Sachs and Apple. While other banks were losing money, Goldman (GS) was gaining. The price of GS stock has gone from $60.00 in March to $180.00 today. That is a 200% gain in 6 months time. That beats your measly 1.25% CD. Apple (AAPL) has gone from a low of $39 in March  to $175 today. That is a 348% increase in 6 months. These two stocks were greatly oversold due to March panic, but they are far from being over bought. GS has a price target of $240 per share. 

Our best performing stock that we bought in the March panic period is Mc Dermott International (MDR) This stock has gained 150% since March. It's a moments like this that I wish we had bought a thousand shares instead of 200. Yet, 300% growth per year on even 200 shares is pretty good.

Other winners are AK Steel (AKS) 70 %, Gerdau American Steel (GNA) 71%, Noble Corporation (NE) 80%, Haliburton (HAL) 50%, All of these increases in the past 60 months. With the economy on an upturn and traders getting back into the market, who knows where these will go?

One to watch, Starbucks Coffee. Starbucks has a loyal patronage and will emerge much stronger than many would think. Believe me, I know from experience that the morning lines at Starbucks are long. That is because their coffee is good. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama Era

We live in the era of "Obama the Great", almighty king of the USA. This era is marked by the change in economy and government, and probably morals. A new era where the truth is no longer important. We now have a new Obama banking system, a new Obama executive pay system, a new Obama Car Company, Stimulus Plan, Obama TARP, Obama Cash for Clunkers, and if he gets his way Obama Radio Police, and Obama Health Care. I am sure that I am only scratching the surface.

Along with King Obama's new programs comes record Obama Deficits, Obama Government Healthcare, Record Obama unemployment, and Obama Ethics where the truth no longer matters. 

Congressman Wilson may not have chosen the best venue to tell the world that the president lies. And he may be censured for his statement. But he told the truth about a man who lies. Why is the president not going to be censured for lying to congress when the man who told the truth will be censured for telling the truth about the man who lied? Why weren't some of the democrats censured when they repeatedly said that Bush lied? I think we all know the answer to this, that type of behavior is expected from the democrats but is an ethics violation for the republicans.

King Obama is bringing reproach upon our country, not only in the eyes of other nations who will soon wake up to his lies, but also in the eyes of the true almight, Almighty God! How will we then say, "God bless America."

King Obama's Era will not last long.... unless.... he can somehow make it illegal for Republicans to run for president, or make it illegal for Republicans to vote. Heck, even some of the Democrats are ready to vote Republican. Even some of them feel lied to. But I suppose Obama will "call them out."

In one sense I am glad the Democrats won the election and control both houses. All of the policies are theirs now. This country will see first hand how sleazy the democrats really are. That will pave the way for 12 to 16 years of republican presidency. 

Even the school children won't grow up fast enough to save Obama.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

All Crooked

Politicians are all crooked. Well.... almost all crooked. The problem is, I haven't met one who isn't. They are sleazy and devious. Some more than others. Our current president is the worst of the worst. Nothing he says is true. It just doesn't stand up to what he has said before. It doesn't jibe with what he has done before. He's the closest thing to an antichrist without being the actual antichrist.
The guy gives me the willies.

Many think that he is a socialist. I think they are wrong. I think he is a communist. He wants to take my hard earned money and redistribute it to those who didn't earn it. He wants to cap the salaries that business executives can make. He wants to control the banks and he wants to control your health care. Not his health care - yours. Yours and mine. 

His health care bill "obamacare", is more than a health care bill. Attached to this bill are attachments that would make small businessmen, such as myself, take withholding taxes on sub-contractors who work for me. These sub-contractors are their own businesses. This would force me to hire an accountant, and an attorney, and someone to do a lot of the paperwork that I do myself. Now, let me see.... would I have to take withholdings on the fees that I pay to the attorney and the CPA?  The fact is, I would spend all the money I make paying more taxes, fees, salaries. So I might as well skip all this, not work, and just become poor. Then at least I would get some stimulus checks. 

Obama is a fool. He does not understand economics. His advisors are fools. I predict that his healthcare bill will be defeated. 

Today one of my clients was bragging about how well government medicine would work. After all, she is satisfied with medicare. She was shocked when I told her that Obama was attempting to cut medicare. Once people understand what this president really stands for, they will turn against him. It is already happening.

The problem is, is there anyone we can trust?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Great Day

A casual early morning cup of coffee with some toast and peanut butter. I hopped into the car and headed north on I25, then west on highway 66. Then I went northwest on highway 36. I found myself in Estes Park. A cool place to be. 

The weather was perfect and Mc Donald's was popping with business. I ordered a coffee and a cookie. It was a beautiful day and I was in a beautiful place. But I still had not reached my destination. I hopped in the car once again and drove down the Big Thompson Canyon Road. And suddenly I spotted it. The perfect place to put in my line.

I pulled over, put on my waders, assembled my fly rod, and walked down the bank. A log across the river made a mini dam. Here the water calmed, the sun shone, and the weather was still. Perfect for casting. And cast I did. I caught and released two beautiful rainbows. But more importantly, I caught a couple hours of peace and serenity in some of the most beautiful country in the world. It was great!

The drive down through the Thompson River Canyon was also filled with beauty and serenity. Of course I had to stop at the Colorado Jelly Store in the way down. I picked up a jar of vanilla bean honey for Audrey, a gift that pleased her. 

Yes. today was a day of peace and rest, a change of pace in life. Actually, this is life. 

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fed Control

What I suspected is now very clear. The Feds want to take complete control over our financial system, which of course, is full blown socialism. Confirmation of this came to me in the form of a TV commercial. From all placed, a bank in Pueblo, CO. It was either the president or some other authoritative bank official. The gist of what he said was that the Federal Government is trying to force TARP money on banks that don't need it. He stated that the bank in Pueblo is capitalized to three times the government requirements, yet they are urged to receive Federal bail out aid. He stated that they have never received Federal bail out money, and never will.

The question that begs to be asked is, "why is the Federal Government pushing their bail out money onto banks and other financial institutions that don't need it?" Of course, the answer is that if these banks take Federal money, the government can now enforce stricter control. Why does the government want to control healthy banks and institutions when it can't even control itself? The answer is self evident, the government just can't help itself. Politicians are sleazy. They want to impose on you things they would never impose on themselves. Such as their health care. It is for you, not them! Why, they deserve better. What do we deserve? We deserved to be controlled by them. 

It makes me mad that every time I go to vote, I have to vote for a sleazeball. That's the only choice I have. 

My coffee is a little bitter this morning. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is it With Plumbers?

Plumbers are the most unprofessional professionals I know. They weasel around and are sleazy. Is this genetic, do they drink a different kind of water than the rest of us? (toilet water), or do they go to school to learn this?

I can never nail a plumber down as to the time I can meet him on the job or have him do something in my home. You can sit and wait all day for these guys. They tell you they are jamming, but somehow they don't know what a clock or a calendar looks like. I have waited at my house 4 to 6 hours for a guy who was supposed to be there in 20 minutes. I don't believe for a minute that he was finishing the last job. A quick check at Starbucks might very well verify that. They somehow must think that I should take the entire day off from work so they can be in my house for 30 minutes and rape my billfold. 

It is no different having a plumber work out on any of my jobs. They somehow have a way of making me look incompetent or look like an idiot. Like the plumber I have working for me today. I have a customer who needs a vanity installed. I ask the plumber when he can do the work. His reply is that he doesn't know. I said, my client needs to know so he can come home from work and plan on it. The plumber says, he can do it Tuesday or Wednesday. So I said, so is it Tuesday or Wednesday because my client can't stay home from work both days. So, the plumber said, Wednesday. I said, OK, what time can he expect you. He said, 9:30 AM. So I called my client and told him the time of the appointment. An hour later the plumber calls and asks if he can to the work next week. I said, no, the client has company coming. The plumber asked, how about Saturday? I said, no, the client has company coming. The plumber asked, how about 11:00 AM instead of 9:30 AM? I said, you have a way of making me look like a dumb ass. I told him that I had gotten off the phone a few minutes earlier telling him 9:30AM, now I need to call him and change it already? So, now, this morning I have to be sleazy and change the appointment. I am betting the the plumber calls and cancels.

So the plumber called and asked for directions. I told him it is in Niwot. He said, Where is Niwot? So I tried to tell him, but I could tell it wasn't sinking in. So I started to give him directions. He said, I'll have to call you later when I'm not driving. He called me twice more but was always doing something where he couldn't stop and take notes. I finally got him to write down the address and told him to use Mapquest. 

Nailing these guys down on price is also impossible. Their bid doesn't mean anything. You can show them the project and detail the scope of the work. They come up with a price, insist on a down payment, then start screwing you. The price never stays the same. It's always, well I had to do this and I had to do that. And, I didn't realize this and I didn't realize that. 

We had a major plumbing company fix a leaky faucet in our kitchen. The plumber got there and told me that the price was $295.00 to overhaul the faucet. I told him that we wouldn't pay that much. He said that he would go to his truck and get another book. He said, that the other book said he could do it for $225.00. I told him I wouldn't pay over $150.  He said, ok, he'd do it for that. 

A week later I had another plumber from the same company look at my furnace. I told him about this. He said, "We don't have 2 price books."  This is the same major plumbing company that installed our furnace, and it didn't pass inspection, and then they wouldn't answer my phone calls.

I rest my case on plumbers. But if this guy doesn't show up today, you will hear more.