Friday, September 11, 2009

Obama Era

We live in the era of "Obama the Great", almighty king of the USA. This era is marked by the change in economy and government, and probably morals. A new era where the truth is no longer important. We now have a new Obama banking system, a new Obama executive pay system, a new Obama Car Company, Stimulus Plan, Obama TARP, Obama Cash for Clunkers, and if he gets his way Obama Radio Police, and Obama Health Care. I am sure that I am only scratching the surface.

Along with King Obama's new programs comes record Obama Deficits, Obama Government Healthcare, Record Obama unemployment, and Obama Ethics where the truth no longer matters. 

Congressman Wilson may not have chosen the best venue to tell the world that the president lies. And he may be censured for his statement. But he told the truth about a man who lies. Why is the president not going to be censured for lying to congress when the man who told the truth will be censured for telling the truth about the man who lied? Why weren't some of the democrats censured when they repeatedly said that Bush lied? I think we all know the answer to this, that type of behavior is expected from the democrats but is an ethics violation for the republicans.

King Obama is bringing reproach upon our country, not only in the eyes of other nations who will soon wake up to his lies, but also in the eyes of the true almight, Almighty God! How will we then say, "God bless America."

King Obama's Era will not last long.... unless.... he can somehow make it illegal for Republicans to run for president, or make it illegal for Republicans to vote. Heck, even some of the Democrats are ready to vote Republican. Even some of them feel lied to. But I suppose Obama will "call them out."

In one sense I am glad the Democrats won the election and control both houses. All of the policies are theirs now. This country will see first hand how sleazy the democrats really are. That will pave the way for 12 to 16 years of republican presidency. 

Even the school children won't grow up fast enough to save Obama.

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