Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When I was a teen there was a song entitled, "The Fool on the Hill," and it talked about the world spinning around. I never got the gist of the song then, but I think I do now. Only, the song should be entitled "Fools on the Hill." Yes, congress is a bunch of fools on Capitol Hill, and our nation is now being led by the biggest fool of them all. 

One thing about fools is that they don't know how to keep their mouths shut to avoid a bad thing. Shortly after being elected, Obama shot his mouth off a lot. Every time the markets showed signs of recovery he had to make a speech and the markets went down deeper than before. Of course everybody's retirement account went down with the market. Then somebody told Obama to shut up. And guess what? the markets began to recover and Americans began to see hope again. 

Well, today Obama was back at it. And guess what? the markets had a huge drop off right after his speech. I've have never before seen anyone so high minded and conceited in his own stupidity. If Obama keeps making speeches, it will be a long ways to economic recovery. this means there will be higher unemployment on two counts: 1) Those who would normally be retired will be seeking jobs to make ends meet , and 2) Companies and Corporations will not be able to rehire as fast as they would otherwise.

Mr. Obama, you can no longer blame this on Bush, you have been president 9 months now. This is your baby. So Mr. Obama, after you take our retirement away and force us on government run health care, how else do you intend to torture us? Do you really think you are going to be re-elected just simply because you "look different than any other president?" Excuse me Mr. Obama, I will judge you, not based on your skin color, but based on how you treat me, my friends, my family, the people of my city, state, and the USA in general. So far you have zero brownie points. (no pun intended).

Furthermore, Mr. Obama, your Democratic majority will go away with the next election. The US population is tired of voting for liars and fools. You know this is true. Several of your comrades are already in trouble in their states and districts. You may be rejoicing because of Joe Wilson's ill-timed statement in joint-session (true though it may be) because his opponent is receiving lots of donations. But remember this, Mr. President: Joe Wilson's campaign Fund is also receiving lots of donations. 

Mr. Obama, I do not know who will run against you in the next presidential election, but mark my words, who ever it is, they will defeat you. A leopard cannot change his spots and a fool will always be a fool.

Do I hate you Mr. President? Emphatically NO!  I only hate what you are doing to our country. May God somehow save your soul..... if you have one. Perhaps we'll find that when we find the birth certificate you have so rigorously made unavailable. 

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