Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bull Market

We are currently in one of the best bull markets I have ever seen. Those who bought stocks or equities in March are being greatly rewarded. If you get into the market now, you will also see great increases over the next several months. As financial institutions sell off their toxic assets they are slowly getting well. By the looks of their stock price AIG is getting well fast. The down days on the market aren't so bad and the good days can be really good.

There are some really big winners that are leading the market back to health. They include Goldman Sachs, Apple, Visa, Citigroup, AIG, Ford Motor, and some of the steel companies. Energy has also been a big winner, but not ExxonMobil, ConnocoPhillips, or Chevron. It's been companies like Mc Dermott International, Noble Corporation, Diamond Offshore Drilling, Quick Silver, and Halliburton. Many others could also be listed. What? you've never heard of (KWK) Quick Silver? Too bad, they have made over 70% for us this year.

If you invest $10,000 now, next year at this time you should have over $20,000. Do the match for greater amounts. But don't just open the financial page and plunk your finger down on a stock. Find companies that have the knack for being successful in a market with potential. Proven companies like Apple, Goldman Sachs, US Steel. Did you know that Goldman Sachs had their best quarter ever during this recession? And, their next quarter results look even better? Did you know that Citigroup is going to sell more shares, then do a seven to one reverse split. AIG's reverse split has resulted in skyrocketing growth. And guess what? Citigroup is really cheap right now. Hint, hint.

Also, traders who left the market during the recession are returning. More money in the market usually means higher stock prices. And during a bull market they are usually not going to be short selling. The more I ramble on here, the more I like the market.

Man, my Starbucks tastes really good right now. A message to my brother Curt...... Hang on to your C, GS, and AAPL. And sorry, Curt, AIG is already up $5 today.

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