Monday, September 29, 2008

Tea & Football

The lemon Rooibos was so good last night, I thought I would do it again tonight. I'm drinking it in a special mug we bought at Peet's Coffee and Tea before they closed. Peet's was a great place, but a little expensive. I'm on my second mug now.

The Steelers and Ravens are playing. The Steelers have come from behind to take the lead. Pretty good game. I love this high def TV! Makes the game much more interesting. I can see the players names, faces..... and the ball.  

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rooibos Lemon

I'm sitting in my Gazebo enjoying a cup of lemon Rooibos tea. Audrey says it's good for my stomach, and my stomach needs it tonight. Ya, our gazebo is all lit up as I strung lights all around the inside. It's just like an extension of the house. It's nice to enjoy the fresh air and to hear the crickets. The tea is tasty and is helping my stomach.

Last night we had our missions committee over for burgers after church. Potato salad, chips, fresh fruit and ice cream were served. We had good fellowship and after that we conducted business. great time!

Are you an angry American over this bail out plan? I am yet undecided. I hate rewarding incompetence with my hard earned money, but on the other hand something needs to be done to bring stability to the economy. I don't want 401K plans to diminish in value, especially my own. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Time for another cup of Rooibos. Ooooh ya!

This just in! Citi Group and Wells Fargo are bidding for Wachovia. Good for Wachovia, bad for the winner, and bad for the tax payer. I suppose the buyer will get a bunch of Federal dollars through the bail out. Did I say Federal dollars? It's really our dollars.

Friday, September 26, 2008

WaMu, wa wa wa wa mu

Starbucks tall, blacker than sin, no room, brew! Yum!

I suppose some of you remember the song, Little GTO? About a muscle car in the mid 60's. Part of the song in praise of the GTO goes like "Wa wa, wa wa wa wa wa!"
Well, I've modified that a little bit in lament of the fall of the largest thrift in the history of the USA, Washington Mutual, or WaMu as it is.....was called. The asking price per share is 3 cents and the bid is 0 cents. Anyway, my lament is "WaMu, wa wa wa wa mu, Wamu, wa wa wa wa mu! 

Sorry, WaMu, but you did such a bad job in the sub-prime market that nobody wanted to buy you in your hour of need. You had to wait for a Federal Government take over, then you were sold to JP Morgan Chase for very few cents on the dollar. Farewell friend.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One-Legged Goose

Last week-end Audrey and I Went to Estes  Park (the town).  Just before leaving for home we went to a coffee shop called Coffee On the Rocks.  We enjoyed our coffee (tea for Audrey) sitting at a table next to a pond. There were a few dozen ducks and a few Canadian geese. One goose (the largest one) had the equivalency of one leg. One leg was injured and pulled up against his body. But he hopped around on one leg like this is the way he was meant to be. Balancing on one leg he was able to feed himself and get around. It was actually pretty amazing.

About the time I wondered how he would swim with only one paddle, he went down into the pond. I thought he might have to swim in circles. But, he swam perfectly straight and kept up with the others. There must be some advantage for geese to have two legs, but this goose didn't seem disadvantaged.

Perhaps this is a good lesson for us in life. What we consider disadvantages may not be. It could be a matter of attitude.

Tonight I am at home with a pot of French Roast.  I love the rich, smoky flavor.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Have you ever eaten at Poppy's?  Audrey and I drove to Estes Park today to see the fall colors. We didn't see many colors (too early) but we did find a terrific pizza place, Poppy's Pizza. It's right along the river walk where you can sit outside and enjoy the murmur of the creek and the scenery of the hills.

The pizzas are a little different than most places. You have a choice of 5 different sauces and about 30 toppings. The crust is thick and soft. We ordered a small and brought a quarter of it home. Was it ever good! Yes, one small pizza easily serves 2 hungry adults. 

It was kind of expensive, though. For the Pizza, coffee, and a generous tip it came to $17.00.  Not bad! We recommend it.

Then we went to Coffee On the Rocks for coffee and tea. We sat out doors at a table next to a pond and watched the ducks and fish. Perfect!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sourdough & Lunch Meat

The grandkids are here!  Three of them.  What to fix the for lunch? Sourdough bread and lunch meat came to the rescue. 

We had an old loaf of sourdough bread in the fridge that we had bought for the purpose of dipping bread. When we bought this we wanted Italian bread, but the store was out. We tried the sourdough but it just wasn't the same, so the bread just sat in the fridge until we would finally throw it way. You can't throw it away until it is spoiled, you know. So it sat in the fridge taking up space.

Then the grandkids came over for the day. We were going to take them to Mc Donald's but decided, Naahh! Then we got the bright idea!...... French toast!  So we made sourdough French toast. Audrey dug some turkey lunch meat out of the fridge and fried it. So the kids ate piece after piece of French toast and.... and, fried lunch meat. Julia ate 8 pieces of lunch meat and several French toast while the other two also had hearty potions. We went though a whole loaf of old sourdough bread. 

They declared it was the best lunch ever.

I wonder what left overs we can feed the kids next time they're here.

Origin Pekoe

Audrey and I made a rare trip downtown Denver today to the Cherry Creek Mall. Audrey had seen an ad for a new tea shop called Origin Pekoe. After parking we walked about a block and found the shop right away. 

Origin Pekoe is a cosmetic coffee and tea shop. Yes, cosmetics! When you first walk in you can smell the blend of the natural cosmetics and beauty aids they sell. It's a pretty large shop with lots of that stuff. But they also have an excellent coffee and tea bar. Internet buffs can also get on line and plug in their computers. 

We tried a pot of Lu Shan green tea. It was served loose leaf in a cast iron pot, and was excellent. We also tried one of their sweet potato cinnamon rolls. I didn't think I would like it, so we only bought one to share between us. This was the best cinnamon roll I had in years, So, we bought a second one and shared that.

The environment is rustic, including the tables and floor. we've already determined we are going back. It's definitely worth the drive.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Custard, Licorice, and Candy Corn

Good Times is the place to buy frozen custard. They have a flavor of the day or vanilla or chocolate. They also have many varieties of things that look like blizzards and such. All tasty, creamy, and smooth.... and sometimes nutty. I love their turtle custard. And guess what? It's pretty cheap. Tonight, Audrey and I had a cup of their vanilla custard. Yummy!

We stopped by Target to pick up some more black licorice. Two bags! I love this stuff.... and it's not only good, it's good for me..... no cholesterol. Young & Smylie's licorice is some of the best. Rich licorice taste, nib sized, soft and chewy. It's great with a cup of black coffee.

Fall is not only my favorite time of the year, it is also the time for Candy Corn. I love Brach's candy corn. We picked up two bags of that tonight, too. I wonder how long they will last?

I hope you didn't get a toothache reading this.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Starbucks has a seasonal hot beverage called "Pumpkin Spice Latte." Audrey and I both had one today. Really good for an occasional seasonal beverage. Served hot with cinnamon sprinkles. Yum!

Right now we are enjoying Rooibos tea. It's a special "Market Spice" tea from Seattle.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fishing: Not Good for the Pocketbook

I have always known it, but today I have to admit it. Fishing is not an economically sound thing to do.

This Saturday morning after I had my toast and breakfast blend, and more breakfast blend, I decided to run up to the mountains to fish.  So up past Idaho Springs I zoomed at about 75 miles per hour in my economical Sequoia. I figured I had better do some serious fishing this year since in purchased a new fly rod and reel.... and.... flies.... (about $200 worth of flies.)  

I did have success! I caught 2 trout about the size of large minnows and one nice one about 10 inches long. I only lost 3 flies in the process, and slipped off a rock into the stream. The water was only knee deep.

The most exciting part was when I was in the process of catching the biggest fish. I had just cast my line out  when my cell phone rang. About 3 seconds after I answered, I hooked a fish. Because the stream was so loud I had a hard time hearing the phone, which just happened to be a prospective customer wanting a bid. So I whipped out my pen to write down the information and, alas, my pen didn't work. Meanwhile the fish had wrapped my line around a huge boulder in the stream. I was trying to hear this guy and wanted to remember at least his address. While I was doing this I was trying to walk to a strategic place to free my line. I had just set an appointment with my prospective client, and had holstered my phone when I stepped on a round stone that rolled down the embankment. That planted me really hard on my billfold on the rocks. My feet were in the water, my fishing rod was about 3 feet out of my reach, and the fish was still hooked to my line. I laid there for a few seconds getting over the pain, then picked up my rod and reeled in the fish. Then.... then.... I threw him back. I only do catch and release. I had a great time!

Cost: about $20 gas, $6 in flies, a bruised rump, a scraped shin, and about 4 hours. 

Benefit: I had a great time!

I think I'll microwave some of this morning's Breakfast Blend.

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Blog

Hello to the cyberspace of opinions, silliness, and foolishness.  I'm sure the world will do just fine without my great wisdom, but on the other hand, maybe not. Our country would do just fine without a president, but we have one anyway. I'm not sure that it makes a difference whether he (or she) is a Republican or a Democrat, or a man or a woman, but we squabble over this every four years. It certainly is good for the media. Political commercials pay the bills. You probably need my blog the same as you need a president. I might even do you more good. At least I can't hurt you or do anything to affect your life negatively.

My blog is written at coffee time, which is anytime.  I'll have opinions about politics, economy, investments, smart things, stupid things, silly things, the inane and things that really count (like what coffee to drink, how to drink it, who to vote for, and what to invest in.) All those things are equally important. This may all sound stupid to you. But I am really smart about certain things. Just ask my wife. Or, don't ask my wife. Really, please don't ask my wife. (she has the knack for telling the truth.)

I look forward to having coffee with you several times a week and screwing with your mind for the better. Problem is, one day you will love me, the next you'll hate me. You'll vow never to read me again, but you will. You will read me again and again. You'll hate yourself for it.....then again, you'll love yourself for the same reason. It makes no difference to me, because I will write and opine anyway. I'll love me for it.... or,  not!

Well, I gotta go now and pour another cup of breakfast blend. It's 8:37 P.M.

Talk to you later.