Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fishing: Not Good for the Pocketbook

I have always known it, but today I have to admit it. Fishing is not an economically sound thing to do.

This Saturday morning after I had my toast and breakfast blend, and more breakfast blend, I decided to run up to the mountains to fish.  So up past Idaho Springs I zoomed at about 75 miles per hour in my economical Sequoia. I figured I had better do some serious fishing this year since in purchased a new fly rod and reel.... and.... flies.... (about $200 worth of flies.)  

I did have success! I caught 2 trout about the size of large minnows and one nice one about 10 inches long. I only lost 3 flies in the process, and slipped off a rock into the stream. The water was only knee deep.

The most exciting part was when I was in the process of catching the biggest fish. I had just cast my line out  when my cell phone rang. About 3 seconds after I answered, I hooked a fish. Because the stream was so loud I had a hard time hearing the phone, which just happened to be a prospective customer wanting a bid. So I whipped out my pen to write down the information and, alas, my pen didn't work. Meanwhile the fish had wrapped my line around a huge boulder in the stream. I was trying to hear this guy and wanted to remember at least his address. While I was doing this I was trying to walk to a strategic place to free my line. I had just set an appointment with my prospective client, and had holstered my phone when I stepped on a round stone that rolled down the embankment. That planted me really hard on my billfold on the rocks. My feet were in the water, my fishing rod was about 3 feet out of my reach, and the fish was still hooked to my line. I laid there for a few seconds getting over the pain, then picked up my rod and reeled in the fish. Then.... then.... I threw him back. I only do catch and release. I had a great time!

Cost: about $20 gas, $6 in flies, a bruised rump, a scraped shin, and about 4 hours. 

Benefit: I had a great time!

I think I'll microwave some of this morning's Breakfast Blend.

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Rana said...

HeeHee! Sounds like fun. I mean to watch! Too bad I wasn't there to spy on you!