Friday, September 12, 2008

First Blog

Hello to the cyberspace of opinions, silliness, and foolishness.  I'm sure the world will do just fine without my great wisdom, but on the other hand, maybe not. Our country would do just fine without a president, but we have one anyway. I'm not sure that it makes a difference whether he (or she) is a Republican or a Democrat, or a man or a woman, but we squabble over this every four years. It certainly is good for the media. Political commercials pay the bills. You probably need my blog the same as you need a president. I might even do you more good. At least I can't hurt you or do anything to affect your life negatively.

My blog is written at coffee time, which is anytime.  I'll have opinions about politics, economy, investments, smart things, stupid things, silly things, the inane and things that really count (like what coffee to drink, how to drink it, who to vote for, and what to invest in.) All those things are equally important. This may all sound stupid to you. But I am really smart about certain things. Just ask my wife. Or, don't ask my wife. Really, please don't ask my wife. (she has the knack for telling the truth.)

I look forward to having coffee with you several times a week and screwing with your mind for the better. Problem is, one day you will love me, the next you'll hate me. You'll vow never to read me again, but you will. You will read me again and again. You'll hate yourself for it.....then again, you'll love yourself for the same reason. It makes no difference to me, because I will write and opine anyway. I'll love me for it.... or,  not!

Well, I gotta go now and pour another cup of breakfast blend. It's 8:37 P.M.

Talk to you later.

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