Friday, September 26, 2008

WaMu, wa wa wa wa mu

Starbucks tall, blacker than sin, no room, brew! Yum!

I suppose some of you remember the song, Little GTO? About a muscle car in the mid 60's. Part of the song in praise of the GTO goes like "Wa wa, wa wa wa wa wa!"
Well, I've modified that a little bit in lament of the fall of the largest thrift in the history of the USA, Washington Mutual, or WaMu as it is.....was called. The asking price per share is 3 cents and the bid is 0 cents. Anyway, my lament is "WaMu, wa wa wa wa mu, Wamu, wa wa wa wa mu! 

Sorry, WaMu, but you did such a bad job in the sub-prime market that nobody wanted to buy you in your hour of need. You had to wait for a Federal Government take over, then you were sold to JP Morgan Chase for very few cents on the dollar. Farewell friend.

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