Thursday, September 25, 2008

One-Legged Goose

Last week-end Audrey and I Went to Estes  Park (the town).  Just before leaving for home we went to a coffee shop called Coffee On the Rocks.  We enjoyed our coffee (tea for Audrey) sitting at a table next to a pond. There were a few dozen ducks and a few Canadian geese. One goose (the largest one) had the equivalency of one leg. One leg was injured and pulled up against his body. But he hopped around on one leg like this is the way he was meant to be. Balancing on one leg he was able to feed himself and get around. It was actually pretty amazing.

About the time I wondered how he would swim with only one paddle, he went down into the pond. I thought he might have to swim in circles. But, he swam perfectly straight and kept up with the others. There must be some advantage for geese to have two legs, but this goose didn't seem disadvantaged.

Perhaps this is a good lesson for us in life. What we consider disadvantages may not be. It could be a matter of attitude.

Tonight I am at home with a pot of French Roast.  I love the rich, smoky flavor.

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