Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ever Hear of LeRoy Brown?

Some of you older folks know how the song goes.... "Ever hear of LeRoy Brown? Meanest man in the whole darn town." That takes me back to the days when the Democrats were calling the Republicans "mean spirited." Because the Republicans didn't go along with every welfare program, they were considered mean spirited. And of course the most mean spirited of all was Rush Limbah.

But as I listen to the Democrats now days, I believe they have become the epitome of mean spiritedness. The chant their "no way, no how." every chance they get. They rail against the banks, the car manufacturers, WalMart, stock brokers, insurers, oil companies, coal companies, loggers, doctors, hospitals, and just about anybody that makes any money. That is everyone who makes money excepting themselves. The likes of Pelosi, Wrangle, Reed, Frank, Emmanuel, and of course, the famous Hilary Clinton, herself. They strong arm a coerce. They use unconstitutional means to get bills passed. They have no respect for their constituents, unless, of course they are the one-third of Americans that think the way they do.

The LeRoy Brown of this generation is Barak Obama. He tries to sound nice while playing dirty. Fortunately Americans have caught on. He could be the best thing that has happened to the Republican party in decades. The elections this fall will be sweeping landslides toward the Republicans. That is, of course is if those bone headed Republicans can manage to stay out of trouble. They keep asking me for contributions, but they aren't getting it. Prove to me they are truly conservatives with a moral compass, then I will consider contributions.

Hey, I just joined Starbucks Coffee club that seems to have a lot of rewards. The more I go to Starbucks, the more blogs. Lucky you! LOL. Enjoy a cup of Starbucks while you buy a bunch of Citigroup..... the next big gainer on the market. $4.40 a share, what are you waiting for?