Friday, September 19, 2008

Sourdough & Lunch Meat

The grandkids are here!  Three of them.  What to fix the for lunch? Sourdough bread and lunch meat came to the rescue. 

We had an old loaf of sourdough bread in the fridge that we had bought for the purpose of dipping bread. When we bought this we wanted Italian bread, but the store was out. We tried the sourdough but it just wasn't the same, so the bread just sat in the fridge until we would finally throw it way. You can't throw it away until it is spoiled, you know. So it sat in the fridge taking up space.

Then the grandkids came over for the day. We were going to take them to Mc Donald's but decided, Naahh! Then we got the bright idea!...... French toast!  So we made sourdough French toast. Audrey dug some turkey lunch meat out of the fridge and fried it. So the kids ate piece after piece of French toast and.... and, fried lunch meat. Julia ate 8 pieces of lunch meat and several French toast while the other two also had hearty potions. We went though a whole loaf of old sourdough bread. 

They declared it was the best lunch ever.

I wonder what left overs we can feed the kids next time they're here.

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Amy said...

I'm glad you managed to find "kid" food in the house!