Friday, September 19, 2008

Origin Pekoe

Audrey and I made a rare trip downtown Denver today to the Cherry Creek Mall. Audrey had seen an ad for a new tea shop called Origin Pekoe. After parking we walked about a block and found the shop right away. 

Origin Pekoe is a cosmetic coffee and tea shop. Yes, cosmetics! When you first walk in you can smell the blend of the natural cosmetics and beauty aids they sell. It's a pretty large shop with lots of that stuff. But they also have an excellent coffee and tea bar. Internet buffs can also get on line and plug in their computers. 

We tried a pot of Lu Shan green tea. It was served loose leaf in a cast iron pot, and was excellent. We also tried one of their sweet potato cinnamon rolls. I didn't think I would like it, so we only bought one to share between us. This was the best cinnamon roll I had in years, So, we bought a second one and shared that.

The environment is rustic, including the tables and floor. we've already determined we are going back. It's definitely worth the drive.


Rod Speed said...

Excellent article!

Rana said...

How fun! The tea sounds yummy!