Thursday, September 10, 2009

All Crooked

Politicians are all crooked. Well.... almost all crooked. The problem is, I haven't met one who isn't. They are sleazy and devious. Some more than others. Our current president is the worst of the worst. Nothing he says is true. It just doesn't stand up to what he has said before. It doesn't jibe with what he has done before. He's the closest thing to an antichrist without being the actual antichrist.
The guy gives me the willies.

Many think that he is a socialist. I think they are wrong. I think he is a communist. He wants to take my hard earned money and redistribute it to those who didn't earn it. He wants to cap the salaries that business executives can make. He wants to control the banks and he wants to control your health care. Not his health care - yours. Yours and mine. 

His health care bill "obamacare", is more than a health care bill. Attached to this bill are attachments that would make small businessmen, such as myself, take withholding taxes on sub-contractors who work for me. These sub-contractors are their own businesses. This would force me to hire an accountant, and an attorney, and someone to do a lot of the paperwork that I do myself. Now, let me see.... would I have to take withholdings on the fees that I pay to the attorney and the CPA?  The fact is, I would spend all the money I make paying more taxes, fees, salaries. So I might as well skip all this, not work, and just become poor. Then at least I would get some stimulus checks. 

Obama is a fool. He does not understand economics. His advisors are fools. I predict that his healthcare bill will be defeated. 

Today one of my clients was bragging about how well government medicine would work. After all, she is satisfied with medicare. She was shocked when I told her that Obama was attempting to cut medicare. Once people understand what this president really stands for, they will turn against him. It is already happening.

The problem is, is there anyone we can trust?

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