Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ford con"fusion"

Well, the car shopping is over, but not before we tried out several cars. a couple of weeks ago I went to the Toyota dealer and tried out the Prius, Camry Hybrid, and the Rav 4 Limited. I actually liked them all. I especially liked the Rav 4, but was also impressed by the Prius.

Then on Thursday I went to a Ford dealer to try out some cars, He had no cars. Cash for clunkers was working for him. 

So, on Friday evening, Audrey and I Went to the Ford Dealer where I bought my F-150. They were all out of Ford Fusions. They were also out of sales reps. They had sold so many cars that they kept on only a few sales reps. And this was a Friday evening after everyone got paychecks so they could run out and buy cars. 

Anyway, we tried out several cars. Audrey thought she might like a little puddle-jumper to run around town in, so we thought we would test drive the Focus. Well, we only sat in it. This car was starved for amenities. When I shut the passenger door, I had to lean toward the center council to sit in the car. We never turned a wheel. 

Then we decided to try a Fusion, which they had none of, so we tried the Mercury Milan. This was the six cylinder and had lots of amenities. It also had a lot of punch and a very comfortable ride. It was quiet and smooth and the bucket seats were impressive. Audrey told the sales rep that the Fusion in a different color would be on the table. 

Then we tried the Edge. I always wanted to try an Edge. The Edge was very comfortable, a little noisier than the Milan, and a little less acceleration. I liked it, Audrey didn't. Nix the Edge.

Saturday, it was back to the Toyota dealer. Audrey wanted to test drive a Corolla. We did. It was noisy, under powered, crowded, and lacked desired amenities. We test drove a Camry Hybrid. This time around we were both under-impressed. The Milan was nicer, quieter, better ride, and more comfortable. Nix the Camry.

The last car we test drove was the Prius V. This car had all the amenities, excepting the power seats. With the new 1.8 liter engine it had plenty of acceleration. It had a little more road noise than the Camry, but the seats were more comfortable and it actually had about the same interior room. And who can resist 52 mpg in the city? 

What was the real acid test for a new car? It had to fit in our garage better than the Avalon!

So the Prius is it.

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