Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking for a Winner?

Everybody likes a winner and no body likes a loser. Meet the former loser..... Citygroup (C) Citygroup almost went under. They received tons of bail out money. Their stock went from over $40 per share down to 97 cents on March 5th of this year. I should have bought then. Now the stock stands at $4.13 per share, a 325% increase over it's bottom. analyst ratings went from 6 strong sells to 3 sells and 3 buys. At $4.13 you can buy a truck load of it. Buy options in it and you can get 3 or 4 truck loads. And guess what? The options will pay much higher returns. Buy the leap options and you can sit on it for a while and over the next 6 months it will make you money.

Don't forget about Ford Motor (F). Ford had a recent surge, then pulled back a little. But Ford is just getting wound up. Ford motor is becoming known for its quality and for taking a stand against government money. People like both those aspects. Drive a Fusion, you will love it. Ford stock is at $7.65. The leap options also look good.

Can you imagine how much Starbucks you would be able to buy?  And don't forget about Starbuck's stock either. Everywhere I go their coffee shops are doing very brisk business. As the economy improves, more lattes will be sold. I prefer "no room."

Mc Dermott International (MDR) has also been a constant and steady winner for us. We have earned a higher percentage on that stock than on any other.

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