Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's a Crazy Life!

Yes, sir! It's a crazy life! I'm not sure whether we work to live or live to work. But I do know one thing it is work, work work. Of course, I wasn't working last night at 11:45 when the Rockies finally beat the Giants in the bottom of the 14th inning. Spillbourghs his a home run in the bottom of the 14th to end the game. But it was work when I was up a 3:00 AM filling in my calendar and sorting through the work load. 

I am at the point of having all the work done by contractors because I am spending all my time doing the bids and setting up the jobs. And, and..... looking after the contractors. Recessions are good for the handyman. Yesterday I picked up four contracts, maybe five. I missed a call.

I do know that I have been fishing only once this summer. I hiked up no fourteeners, and went for zero bike rides. I had to give up running because of my knees, and I "sorely" miss it. 

What else is crazy is that Audrey got a great job in Wheat Ridge, but she spends most of her time out of state. Last year she got a job in Phoenix and worked out of our house. 

We do all this work with long hours so we could buy a battery operated car. Well, that's cool. I guess that balances out my gas guzzling truck. If we drive them equal miles we should get a combined 34 miles per gallon.  But you know how it is, the gas guzzler always gets driven more.

This is crazy, too. I have a client I am doing the interior painting of her whole house. We chose colors once. Then she changed her mind and showed me the new colors. But while she was showing me the new colors she changed her mind again. Well, that's OK. we hadn't mixed any paint yet. Well, yesterday she called and said she changed her mind again. that's OK, the store has more paint charts.

What's even crazier than all of this is that Starbucks raised their prices. Ouch!

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