Thursday, August 6, 2009

Universal Heath Care in Trouble:

Yes, my headline is true. Universal health care is in trouble....... In France. The Wall Street Journal just reported that. Universal health care in that country is pushing the country toward a financial crisis. France wants to be more like the United States and the United States wants to be like France. 

Tell me how a government can run a humungous health care program when it can't run Social Security, Medicare, or..... or..... Cash for Clunkers. That's right! They couldn't even administer a measly $1 billion program. But for some reason they think they know all about health care.

Obama said that Caterpiller would start hiring with all that TARP money. Instead, they have been laying off at a historic pace. He said that unemployment would bottom at 8.5%, but it is now at 10.5%. Now Obama wants me to buy my neighbor a new car. Of course, my neighbor won't buy me a new car. Obama says that universal health care will save money. I don't think Obama knows much about saving money. Universal health care will break our economy.

Speaking of economy, Goldman Sachs has done extremely well. They turned in the best quarterly earnings in the history of the company. There are a lot of angry people who don't like them making money. An investigation is being launched. Now let me see if I understand this right. If GS loses money, they are OK. But if they make money, we get mad and want them investigated. So, we must like our poor economy because we want companies to lose money. 

Why is it we penalize those who do well, but reward those who don't? Is this the new American Way? Aren't we supposed to be all that we can be? Or does that only apply to the army.

We should let companies like GS, Ford Motor, Apple, and others who know how to succeed lead our economy back to health. 

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