Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bigger Than it Looks.... Smarter Than You

As I am enjoying my morning cup of Dunkin Donut Coffee (and it is good), I was thinking about the Prius my wife bought yesterday. Most people think that it is a little tiny car without many amenities. They have never driven one. This is no dumb little Smart Car. This is a big smart car.

The Prius has more room than the Ford Focus and the Toyota Corolla. In fact, it has nearly the space of the Camry and the Fusion. Plenty of elbow room in the front and knee room in the back. The trunk space is surprisingly large. The ride is quiet and smooth. The acceleration is decent, better than Corolla and about the same as the hybrid Camry.

We love the amenities. This car is loaded. The manuals on this car are about two inches thick. Let's see, the displays on this car show fuel consumption, direction, time, miles till empty, and a whole bunch more we are just discovering. The stereo system (4 CD changer) AM, FM, satellite radio, navigation, bluetooth, and much more that we are discovering, are all fantastic. 

Of course it has cruise control, tilt and telescopic steering, and a camera for going in reverse. It has the power locks, power mirrors, front intermittent wipers, rear intermittent wipers, and headlight washers. It has keyless entry, keyless regress, and keyless start up. 

The seats were more comfortable than the Camry or any other car we tried excepting the Mercury Milan. It has leather seats that are heated with a driver's side lumbar. 

One of the requirements Audrey had for any car she bought was an adequate number of cup holders. The Prius has two cup holders in the back, two cup holders in the front and two bottle holders in the front. 

This car is so smart that it gets 48 to 51 miles to the gallon and even tells us when it needs it's oil changed. I just hope that I am smart enough to figure out how smart the car is.

I have just one question: Why does the dumb little Smart Car get only 43 miles per gallon when our much bigger and more comfortable "smart car" gets at least 48?

Enjoy your coffee. By the way, Dunkin Donut Coffee tastes good without the donuts

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