Monday, August 24, 2009


To me LeRoy was closer than most of my real blood brothers. And he was a good friend. I didn't know him much until we lived just a few miles apart in Wisconsin. He was in hospital and clinic construction and I was remodeling homes. We talked shop a lot. He came and viewed all my remodels and always praised the work. Than meant a lot. 

Audrey and I often went to dinner with LeRoy and Ilene. Those were some good times. Times that I will always cherish. Afterward we would either come to our house or go to LeRoy and Ilene's house. LeRoy did a marvelous job remodeling a building in Hilbert for living. He also had a wood working shop that made me envious. 

Good bye LeRoy. I will always cherish the memory of you. You were quite the guy. I hope you don't mind if I shed a few tears.

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makennasmama said...

Beautiful, Rod. He will be deeply missed. I shed a few tears today, too.