Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting There

I needed to be there at a certain time, but it seemed like everything was working against me. I had driven 9 hours to get to Chinle, AZ. I needed to meet a guy named Jed so that I could do the take off on a missions project our church was planning. Everything went really smoothly..... until I got to Chinle.

I went to the Holiday Inn to check in at 2:30. I was told that I couldn't check in until 3:00. So I came back at 3:15, and there was this big long line ahead of me. 

I had to meet Jed at Ganado at 4:15. I decided to brush my teeth, then go. What a mistake! I got down by the school just in time to be stopped to let all the buses go out on the road. Now I was following four school buses, very slowly. 

I was half way to Ganado when I came upon road construction. I was stopped there for about 25 minutes, then followed a pilot car for 5 miles, very slowly. I made it to Ganado at 4:50. Jed wasn't there. I tried calling but got only voice mail. I drove toward my final destination without Jed, then tried calling again. No phone signal. I tried once more, his wife answered and said Jed was on his way. I went back to the meeting point. Jed was there. Then we drove off toward the project. This was over a rutted dirt road that had not been maintained for years. We made it to the project site at 5:40. 

I dreaded the drive back, which went much smoother.

The project? Well, the project is to help this church finish the parsonage. We will have to do this without electricity, or water. Generators will have to be brought in and.... and.... the dreaded out house will be used. Will somebody please tell me why I am doing this?

Worst of all, there is no Starbucks in sight. 

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