Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh My Aching Back!

When I get home from work at night, and sit down to a cup of coffee, my back, feet and knees are usually aching, and I am really tired. I don't sleep well most nights because my knees throb so bad.... even with prescribed pain medication. I usually work pretty long days, then do bids and paperwork in the evening. Sometimes I am picking up materials in the evening for the next day's job. I keep on working even though my body gets tired and aches. I figure that's the best way to get paid and earn a living and to prepare for retirement.

Besides these things, I pay all my own social security, buy my own health insurance, and lay out hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars on a job before I get paid a penny at the job's completion. So there is a considerable amount of risk in what I do as it concerns my pay. I have no matching 401K. My business vehicle is a 1995 Toyota T100 with 213,000 miles on it. I try to keep overhead low. But I do hire sub-contractors to do some of my work. Therefore, I am providing employment for others.  In addition to this, my wife and I give in excess of 20% of our income to charity. Plus we donate to Goodwill and to food banks. So our hard-earned dollars are given generously. 

Even though there are days that I don't feel like going to work either because of aching body parts or tiredness, or both. I get up and go early anyway because it is the right thing to do, and it is fulfilling.

Now, I am not looking for sympathy, or empathy, nor am I trying to brag. I am just trying to make a point. That point is this: Why should the money that I have worked so hard to earn be confiscated from me through taxes and given to those who have not earned it. In fact, some of those dollars are likely to go to lazy people who sit in front of the TV eating potato chips and getting fat off my hard earned dollars.

Obama represents the height of socialism, which is just a soft word for communism. He doesn't give a rip about my aching back, hurting feet, and throbbing knees. He just wants me to make money so he can take it away from me and give it to someone who has not earned it. Even though my track record shows that I give to charity, he doesn't trust me to do it. He wants to take my money and give it to charities of his choosing, and the recipients won't even know that I gave. They will think Obama gave. This man is the epitome of a hypocrite and a socialist. Besides that he is a dumb ass who doesn't know the first thing about how an economy needs to run. 

What really ticks me off is that there are enough Americans who are oblivious of what Obama stands for and will vote for him. And worse yet, those who do know and will vote for him anyway. There are those sitting in front of the TVs eating potato chips at my expense right now who will vote for him so that they can keep on with their dubious way of life. Obama calls this fairness. 

Obama doesn't understand the meaning of the word "fair." He doesn't understand "free market." He doesn't understand that corporations don't pay taxes. He doesn't understand that tax increases will cost jobs. He doesn't understand that we pay enough taxes. And he doesn't understand that all wage earners should pay some taxes to have a part in the operation of the government. 

What I do know is, I bust my backside and he wants to take away what I have earned to give it to someone who lives a life of leisure. What i do know is that once my wife and I were as poor as dirt, but we took the necessary steps and risks, and put in the hard work required to change our situation. Why sould we reward those to don't and won't? Why do they deserve our money?

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