Sunday, October 12, 2008

Special Order

Well, I finally started the remodel that I bid on about 5 months ago. There are a lot of pricey items such as hardwood, granite, vanities, carpets and a claw foot tub. So today, I started buying these items. So far I am up to $9500.00. It seems that every big item she wants is special order. The granite is special order, the vanity, the vanity top, the bamboo hardwood, and yes, the claw foot tub. Did you realize that the minimum price for a claw foot tub, together with the faucet is about $2400? I still need to pick up the tile, and exterior door, and also buy the materials for and outdoor landing and stairway.

The hardest thing about special order is keeping the job going. You have to buy and wait weeks for these items to come in. Then they will all come in at one time.

Some dude tiled her bathroom (did a really bad job) but we are not retiling all of it. But I do have to pull up part of the floor, level it, re-plumb for the tub, and re-tile that area. Currently, there is a big hump in the floor that gives when I walk on it.

Well, enough of work. Today, Audrey and I went to the Cherry Creek Mall and had some Lu Shan tea and a sweet potato cinnamon roll. The was the high light of the week. Exciting life, huh. 

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