Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coffee & Cherry Pastry

On mornings when I work some distance from the house, I get up early and drive to a place near my work location. Panera's Bread is one of these locations, on Wadsworth and 77th. It's a nice place with nice music and good pastries and breakfast sandwiches. And they give you two hours of free wireless internet. 

This morning I am enjoying a dark roasted coffee (as many cups as I like) and a cherry pastry. That's what its called, "cherry pastry."  Mmmm, is it ever good! White frosting on delicious bread, and lot's of cherries on top. Yum! And the coffee is good. 

The only problem with Panera's is that they don't have one in my part of town. It's a pretty cool place. Even the people that go to the gym come straight here. I bet the gym likes that. These two businesses support each other in an ironic way. A guy from the gym came in just now!

I can't imagine paying the price of running the tread and pumping iron only to have a cinnamon roll a few minutes later. Or, maybe they do it so they can justify their cinnamon roll, or their cobblestone pastry?

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