Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, who won the debate this time? I thought they both did pretty well. Biden surprised me in that he presented himself better than I thought he could. Palin, though, definitely connected with the audience better and showed surprising knowledge and pluck. The Democrats didn't like her winks, or her wave, or the fact that she called him.... Joe!

This was no draw! The new-comer on the block, with much less experience, out debated the guy who has been in the Senate for ever. The Dems are putting forth platitudes, while the Republicans are putting forth substance.

I was sad to see that McCain has conceded Michigan. How do you concede before the citizens actually vote? Obama might be waving a white flag in Iraq, but McCain is waving one in the election. He's wasting a perfectly good vice-presidential candidate.

And, I am writing this with no coffee or tea today. Well, none right now.

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