Wednesday, October 1, 2008

White Tea & Biscotti

Well, here we are at Borders, drinking white tea and eating biscotti. $2.83, tax included... for a whole pot! and.... and two cups. Brand new glass cups! the stickers are still on the bottoms and never been wet. So that means these cups have never been.... washed. Eeeew!  Thank goodness we brought our own biscotti. We plugged in our computers and are working.

Have you been watching CitiGroup? Since thy bought Wachovia for pennies on the dollar, their stock has gone up over 30%. Even in this down market. I don't own CitiGroup stock but I do own 800 call options at $25 for January 2010. My options have increased in value by 68%. Hot dog! I am thinking of trading them in for the January 2010 call options at $27.50. CitiGroup will do well over the next couple of years. They have weathered the storm and have their house in order.

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Rana said...

Orv and I have our life insurance and investment packages thru Primerica which is a Citigroup company. We have been well satisfied with their work. Granted, our packages are pretty small, but they are making money.