Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Biscotti & White Tea

Audrey and I are at Borders Book Store doing some work and enjoying a pot of white tea. In fact, we are on our second pot, and is it ever good. $2.83 including tax. That makes it extra special. I brought a chocolate biscotti along to have with mine. We smuggle them in inside of Audrey's purse. She smuggled in some Lindt dark chocolate for herself.

We took our gazebo down yesterday. Left the frame up, and hope it weathers the winter. We already miss it. At least we still have the table and chairs at the covered front porch. I enjoy sitting there too.

Business is heating up for me now. Today I began a $35,000 remodel in Denver. I'll be doing work in 2 bathrooms, a bed room, a sitting room, a huge closet, tile and countertops in the kitchen, tile in the laundry room, and later dealing with security issues at an increased price. Besides this I am doing estimates and getting new jobs almost daily now. I guess people have put off their projects long enough. Winter is coming.

In the remodel I have the privilege of installing a claw foot bathtub. Have you priced one of those lately? It's more expensive than the granite countertops in the kitchen. $2,000 is the cheapest one and that is before shipping, taxes, and installation.

Tomorrow, I jack up a front porch and install new caissons. Actually, I will have one of my sub crews do this. 

I have just one question for Obama! If it is OK to send our military to many regions of the world for humanitarian reasons; areas where governments are oppressing and killing their people, as Mr. Obama said in his debate. Then, why was it wrong to go to Iraq where Sadam was performing genocide on his own people? huh? huh? huh?

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