Sunday, October 5, 2008

Golden Fire

As I am sitting in our villa, in Avon, drinking a pot of coffee provided by Sheraton, I am reflecting on the beautiful fall colors in this mountain community. There are a lot of bright yellows and oranges along with the greens that have not yet turned yellow. When the sun shines it looks like golden fire. All of this mirrored in a lake that looks like glass, with the mountains as a back drop. I truly love it here. This time of year it is a very peaceful setting. And there is time to read, to reflect, to walk, to fish, to shop, and.... yes, to blog.

I have taken quite a number of photos. I will go through them and select the best and undoubtably discard the rest. 

In a few moments we will go to Beaver Creek to shop, then it will be time to pack up to leave. We could drive through rain or snow on the passes. It will be sad to leave here. We'll miss the cosiness of the villa, the fireplaces in the living room and the bed room, the fresh, clean air. But work beckons. Always, work beckons. 

At least I'll get to finish my coffee.

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