Thursday, October 9, 2008

Retiring Earlier

If this stock market crash has made you think that you may have to put off retirement, that may not necessarily be so. It depends on how far down you rode the market before you got out, or how far down your stocks or mutual funds went. We must remember, that the market is likely to recover and it will start with cheaper stock prices.

If you got out of the market with only modest losses, or no losses, it may be time to study the market and pick up bargains. Make sure they are bargains. Invest in solid companies that have been dragged down by the rest of the market and not by diminished profits or future outlook. Remember, energy will always be in demand and right now oil prices are down, and oil related stocks are way down! Stay away from the refineries because as oil goes up, refineries have a smaller margin. Also, think solar. You may not realize it, but the bail out package included several billions of dollars to subsidize solar energy. Corporations and private owners will receive a minimum of 30% discount on the cost of installing solar energy.

Cheap stocks means you can buy more shares. Share volume means a lot when stock prices start recovering.

Good luck! Enjoy your coffee and smell the roses. The future may be rosier than you think. And, with improving economy, Starbucks will have a resurgence. 

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