Thursday, October 16, 2008


Audrey and I just came from a great coffee shop in Longmont. Lots of stuff in there including some classy confections. We forgot the name of the shop, but it is at the corner of the Diagonal and Hover. They even gave us a free almond pastry. Audrey had a latte and I had the light coffee, which was really black. 

Anyway, I was thinking about Joe. You know, as in "Joe the Plumber."  It appears that Joe the Plumber is not really a plumber and owes back taxes. But now T-shirts are being sold in honor of Joe the plumber. Joe the Plumber has become more popular than "Joe Six Pack" over night. And both these Joes might even be more popular than "Joe Shmoe""Joe Blow" and "Just Any Joe." I think all these Joes are more popular than Joe Biden.

Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack have both helped the Republicans this year. But, have they helped them enough? The Republicans need Joe ShmoeJoe Blow and Just any Joe to help out, too. But I am also counting on Joe Biden to help out by putting his other foot in his mouth. Come on Joe! We need a little more help!

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