Tuesday, October 21, 2008

High Caffeine Day

Today was work and coffee.... or was that, coffee and work? I was down to Starbucks early at Colorado and 40th for a grande and to catch up on computer work. Then it was work at the house where I am doing a remodel. Then it was home for a coffee and a shower. Then to Starbucks at 104th and Federal for a tall while I prepared for a meeting. Then the meeting. Then back to Starbucks for another tall to wait for the next meeting. Then it was the next meeting. Then I drove home drinking cold coffee on the way. And guess what? I'm still not coffee'd out! Is coffee'd a word?

In a lot of ways coffee is my admission ticket to a place to wait out time and do some work. A chair and table for an hour is cheap office space. A tall coffee is $1.58.

1 comment:

Rana said...

Good Grief! And I thought I drank a lot of coffee! Still, I guess it beats driving home between all the appointments. THAT could get costly!