Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Time For Everything

The best part of John McCain's campaign was his concession speech. Had he been this John McCain through the whole campaign he certainly would have done better. I got really tired of his negative ads, and I got really embarrassed over Muskgrave's adds. I thought they were shameful. Most of my candidates lost the election and I think that in large part it was because of two things. 1) Their commercials were shameful, and 2) All Republicans carried the burden of George Bush. I'll have more comments on George Bush in future blogs.

But now is the time. It is time for the Democrats to prove that they have a better way while not leading our country into socialism and penalizing hard working Americans through high taxation. Now is the time for the Democrats to fix the health care system (if they can). Now is the time for the Democrats to bring jobs back to America (if they can). Now is the time for Democrats to fix Social Security (if they can). Now is the time for Democrats to give all Americans an equal opportunity to employment and prosperity, without affirmative action (if they can). We all know that affirmative action is not equal opportunity, but is a system that favors certain segments of society. Now is the time for the Democrats to keep oil prices down through production of renewable resources, and increased oil production (if they can). We all know that automobiles will require liquid fuel for years to come. Now is the time for the Democrats to fix the banking system (if they can). 

If they can! They say they can. They say they will. Democrats, America is now relying on you to do all things you promised.

Republicans, let's give them a chance. Support our new President. By the way, I do not view Obama as an African American. I have never viewed people as being one color or another. I have viewed people as human beings with equality. If this election was at all about race, then this is sad. Obama is a human being. He is our President. He deserves our support as Americans. The election and campaigning are over. As Republicans we must not be sore losers.

There is One who controls all of history. He sets up kings and causes kings to fall. We know that God is ultimately in control. There will be great purpose for the Obama presidency in God's plan. 
We are Americans! We are a great nation that can become even greater in the years to come if we follow God's plan.

The election was a bitter loss for Republicans, but the Starbucks is still good. Enjoy your coffee.

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