Saturday, November 22, 2008

Relief at Last

Well, on Thursday, I got my miracle! I had been suffering with intense knee pain in both knees for several months. I didn't dream when I slept at night, I only dreamt about sleeping. I had been to the doctor who gave me some anti inflammatory meds that made me feel tired, but didn't kill the pain. In the daytime it hurt to walk and move around. But the nights were worse than the days, I would lay in bed and writhe. I guess during the day, my mind was on my work, but at knight it was dominated by the pain.

Well, Thursday, I received a steroid shot in each knee. By the next day the pain was 95% gone. I could walk without pain, and without a limp. I could actually work, going up and down stairways. It was like a miracle. I know these shots are not permanent and eventually I will have to have knee replacements, but I do feel like living again. I am supposed to keep icing my knees and use ibuprofin when needed.

I feel good enough that I will probably be able to take my car tour this winter or spring. I would look forward to that with less pain and lower gas prices. 

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