Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Take It!

Thursday I was in for the surprise of my life. It happened at a Home Depot. I had picked out a variety of items and headed for the checkout. The last thing to be rung up was a mounting bar that goes at the bottom of a mirror, you know, that little metal strip. The cashier ran the item through the scanner several times, and nothing would happen. She asked me if I knew what the item was. I told her, but the item must have had a different name in their book. So finally, frustrated, she said, "It's their fault it won't ring up so, just take it!

The item not being necessary to what I was doing made it expendable to me. But I wonder how many times a day she does that. I wonder how Home Depot's stock is doing. If my daughter, who works at Target is reading this, it is probably driving her crazy. Or, maybe she has even better stories to tell.

Think I'll finish my coffee.

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Amy said...

At Target, if an item is mislabeled, we have to sell it at the price the customer saw it as. For items that don't ring up, we usually ask them how much it is and just type it in.

But we have had people return clothes that aren't even Target brand items. And then we relabeled them and sold them! Not everyone knows what brands we carry, I guess.