Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's All His Fault

It's great to have a scapegoat for our own failures. I guess it is human nature to blame someone else. George Bush surely is getting his share of the blame whether he deserves it or not. I am not on the "kick George Bush while he is Down" band wagon. In fact, I think he is wrongly blamed for a lot of things. 

Bush is blamed for the economy. In reality, the president has little to do with the economy. The economy is mostly controlled by Congress. The last four year congress has been in the Democrat's control. Why do the Democrats get a free pass on this? The question has been asked, "Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?" Because of the recent downturn in the economy most of us would be tempted to say, "No!"  The fact is, we are much better off than we were eight years ago. We must remember that less than 18 months ago the stock market hit an all time high. It went over 14,000 points on the Dow Jones. So, it seems that for the first six years of the Bush administration Americans must have been doing much better. Even now, most of us are better off. But we have forgotten. But don't forget that the two men who set up this free fall in the market are Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernake

Bush is also blamed for the war in Iraq. I don't think we are justified in blaming him. At the time we went into Iraq, this seemed like a reasonable decision because the world (not only the USA) believe Iraq to have weapons of mass destruction. Weapons, which they used to exterminate their own people. Yes, the war has gone on longer than any of us have liked. Yes, in the early going mistakes were made in the war. Yes, we have spent billions of dollars, (By the way, most of these dollars went to US contractors that provided top shelf jobs for American workers.) So, on the one had this spending stimulated the American economy (did not drain it). And..... Yes, there is a better Iraq today, and this nation will be better tomorrow if we give it a chance.

Bush is blamed for high energy prices. How many cars do you think the Bushes can drive at one time? (Joke) Bush's policies actually kept oil prices from going higher than they did. Promoting drilling and harvesting our own oil ads to supply and lowers prices. It was the Democrats who prevented US oil companies from developing oil fields. The effect of that was higher oil prices. 

I know, I know, Oil companies turned record profits. Well, other companies turned record profits these past few years as well, but we didn't gripe about them. What is it in America that makes us feel good when a big company that provides quality jobs doesn't do well, or loses money? And, why do we blame the President when companies do make money. Are we retarded? Look what has happened to our economy since the banking industry has been losing money.

Now, I want to admit that George Bush has not been my favorite president. I have differed with him on a number of issues. But I don't believe that he deserves the blame he has been getting. Don't forget, this president effectively and successfully led us through one of the darkest times in our nation's history after 911. Even after the markets tumbled after 911, they also soared to new highs in 2007. 

George Bush has served his country honestly, honorably, effectively, and successfully during his administration. I believe that he was the man for the hour. He did the right thing at the right time. He did the unpopular thing that needed to be done. He did the hard job that would have been too hard for John Kerry and Al Gore. He certainly wasn't perfect. Neither was Bill Clinton (Monica). And, neither will be Barak Obama. At this late hour, Bush is under appreciated. We owe him our gratitude. 

President, George Bush, thank you for all you have done for our nation. I truly hope that history will treat you better than today's society, whom you have selflessly served. You were the man for the job at this time in history. God has used you to better this world. Thank you again!


Amy said...

I still like Bush after all this time.

Let's not forget, also, that he has kept this country free from attacks since 9/11. That's nothing to sniff at. It's a real accomplishment, and everyone should be grateful to him for doing what was necessary to keep us safe.

Rana said...

I too, still like Bush. Not many men could have done what he did at 9/11. I honor his efforts to keep America safe for us. Thank God, there have been no more attacks on home soil.