Friday, November 14, 2008

Iced Knee

No, the title is not a misprint. I did not mean, "iced tea."  I went to therapy today for the pain in my right knee. Come to find out, my left knee is worse than my right one, but neither one is worn out. And, my hips, which don't hurt are likely the cause of both my knees hurting. So now I must do home therapy. That is certain stretching exercises that are intended to make me more flexible and to take the strain off my knees. The therapist recommended Yoga, but did give me a list of exercises. He also recommended me to an orthopedist, whom, he said is likely to recommend knee braces and better pain medication. He also said, to sleep at night I should ice my knees and take 2 shots of tequila. 

But it seems the worst part will be icing both knees twice a day. That seems cruel to have to ice my knees during the cold winter. I'm wondering, if I ice my knees, then take a hot shower to warm up, will that undo all the icing. Will this be a form of self torture with no value? Will icing my knees go better if I drink hot coffee during the icing? What if I go through all that icing for the rest of my life, but my knees still hurt? Will that drive me insane? Or, am I already insane? I know, this is all "inane." But this is my blog so I will be inane if I please.

Time to take the ice packs off.

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Rana said...

I'm glad that it will take the stain off your knees, but paint thinner might work just as well! Oh, and have you tried chocolate icing? That should help a lot! Maybe vanilla is more to your taste though! It doesn't stain as much!