Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stocks for Wednesday

The day before Thanksgiving is generally a down day because a lot of day traders do not want to hold stocks over a holiday, and because many of them will take Friday off. Therefore, they usually sell off what ever they are holding, and this has the effect of pushing the market downward. I, therefore, would also take the day off. I don't think there is really a good pick that is predictable. I'd wait until Tuesday of next week to make any stock purchases. The exception to this would be, that if stocks go way down on Wednesday, for no other reason than it being a holiday, Then Friday could be a good day to buy select stocks.

What I would do is go to Starbucks and have a good cup of coffee or seasonal latte or cappuccino. I'd help them out this Thanksgiving. After all, what would this world be without Starbucks, or your other favorite coffee shops?

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