Sunday, May 31, 2009


I built the deck at the back of our house eleven years ago. This is a nice redwood deck with plenty of room for events. The problem was, we hardly used the deck because the heat was too intense with the summer sun. 

We tried tables with umbrellas, but it seemed that the umbrella could never shade the entire table. It just became more pleasant to have our activities indoors. So every couple of years I would re-stain the deck, but it was seldom used.

Last Summer we decided to put a 12' x 12' gazebo on the deck. What a difference it made. Hardly a day goes by without the deck being used in the summer and fall months. It's just about like adding another room to the house. It's pleasant, shaded, cool and a nice atmosphere where we can hear the birds in the morning and the dogs just about anytime. Right now I'm listening to mourning doves and robins.... no dogs. 

Last evening we had a doings. There about 14 of us in all. There were always about 6 or 7 people in the gazebo while others found other places. There were a lot of comments by our company about how much they enjoyed the grilling out and the gazebo.

In the first summer that we had the gazebo, we used our deck more that summer than we had in the ten previous years combined. This is a pretty cheap addition for a lot of enjoyment. And it has saved us money. We now prefer to grill out and chill out versus eating out. And the food is definitely better, as is the environment. 

I just heard my first dog barking today. My early morning coffee tastes great. Now a bird is scolding another bird. They are still defending their nests.

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