Saturday, May 16, 2009

Poor Pelosi

So the Dems are now throwing each under the bus. The latest is Nancy Pelosi. CIA director, Sessions, says that Pelosi was briefed about water boarding. She denies it. However, the transcript confirms it. She still denies it. Sessions says Congress should investigate. That would be cool. Does this mean that Pelosi has committed war crimes and should be prosecuted. She knew about it, but did nothing.

I do think she should be investigated, but not convicted of any crime. Water boarding was not torture, therefore not criminal, and therefore not punishable. The prisoners ate GITMO are terrorists not protected by the Geneva Convention. Let them go and they will kill you. Ritter wants them in Colorado. Nobody else wants them, period. Maybe they can live in the guest room at the White House. Or maybe, we can just leave them at GITMO and keep water boarding them until they either drown or tell us what we need to know. At any rate, their miserable lives should be kept miserable.

Pelosi is deserving of what comes her way. I hope it drags on for a long time. i hope she has a sick feeling in her gut for many days to come.

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