Saturday, May 2, 2009

Business is Great!

The economy stinks, but my business has been doing better than ever. Yes, there are times that I wonder if I will run out of work, but the phone seems to always ring and new contracts are signed. I haven't exactly figured out why my business is doing well during these hard times but I do know that part of the reason is that I have been building a satisfied clientele. I am getting more and more calls from former clients to do new work. That's pretty cool! But I am also getting more new clients. That's pretty cool, too!

On the negative side, I now have to consider renting a storage building for my inventory of tools and excess supplies. Ugh! I hate that. That means more overhead, and I will also have to drive extra miles, which takes extra time, which means more overhead in transportation expense. The other option is to buy a house with 3 garages. The $200 a month that I spend on storage could help with the house payments, of which part is deductible for business expense. Uncle Sam tries to cheat me and I try to cheat him (all legally, of course).

Well, it's pretty exciting and tiring at the same time. Work solves worries and creates worries at the same time. I'm putting in long days while not doing much of the work myself. I do a lot of the smaller jobs and sub out the larger ones. Simple roof repairs are the most profitable per hour work. Larger jobs are less profitable per hour. I guess not many people like to get on a ladder and be on their own roof. They're willing to pay someone else to risk their life instead.

I know nobody reads this, but if you happen to, leave a comment so I know you've been here. Thanks. And if you need your roof repaired, well........

See you next time!


Rana said...

How about installing gutters next time you come to see us?! When will that be?

Love ya,

Rod Speed said...

It will probably be a while before I go out to Michigan. Is your landlord buying gutters?