Wednesday, May 13, 2009


If there ever was an obnoxious jackass, it has to be Obama! This guy is the epitome of stupidity. He is changing the USA from a free enterprise opportunity country to a government controlled state that will soon become a police controlled state. We may have effectively fought communism overseas, but we have opened the main door to it, here, in the United States. And I am frankly pissed off. 

Ya, ya, ya! I know. The Bible says to pray for our leaders, and frankly, this guy needs lots of it. A lot more than George Bush ever needed. This dumb ass wants to control everything. He wants to be the CEO of GM and Chrysler. He wants to be the CEO of the banks. And where he can't be CEO he wants to limit the pay of CEO's everywhere! He calls it "overhaul" but it is really government control. Did I say he wants to be CEO of GM, well, in reality he is. The acting CEO of GM can't do anything without his permission. 

A revolution is beginning. We are now seeing banks and financial institutions repaying the TARP money because they have realized their mistake in taking it. They have found that Obama is now their CEO and they want to get from under that. Ford Motor saw the problem in time and refused TARP money. Their stock has gone up 300% while GM's continues to decline.

How is Obama reacting to this? He wants to extend government control over the paychecks of executives of financial institutions even if they received no government money. If he can do that to financial institutions, then other industries will follow.

The other day I heard a radio interview with some expert who has to be liberal. She was complaining that there were Tycoons buying businesses for the sole purpose of making money! Well, dah! Why else would someone buy a business. To make money is the sole reason for businesses to exist. If they don't make money, they go out of business. When they make money it is healthy for the economy. 

The best way to kill the economy is to government control it to death. Money is still the incentive that makes business click. Take away the incentive and businesses will stop clicking. Thugs like Obama are bad for business.

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