Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Plastic Bags

I have a hard time picking up small objects. Objects like Jelly Belly, dimes, pennies, small screws, and things like that. rather than picking them up, my fingers just seem to push these objects away. I also have trouble turning a single page. Am I alone in this? 

The trouble is, my fingertips are not pliable and have very little feeling. Over the years I have frozen my fingers many times and kind of killed off the nerve endings. Also, with my work the skin on my finger tips has gotten thick and sort of calloused. Thus, I can chase a jelly bean all the way across a table before I can actually grip it. But worse than that is getting into those little tiny sealable bags. I can't feel the little plastic lip and my fingers just won't grip it. Besides that, the little plastic lips are almost invisible.

My wife loves these little baggies. She takes a chocolate bar that is designed to be eaten in one sitting by any normal person who likes chocolate, and breaks it into many little tiny pieces and puts each of these little tiny pieces into it's own little tiny sealable baggie. One chocolate bar lasts her all month. It's torture!

She also makes caramels that are absolutely deliciously perfect! And guess what? She also puts those in these little tiny baggies which she puts into a larger baggie, then sets them on the kitchen countertop for me to enjoy! Now this is real torture! Try as long as I want, I cannot open these little baggies. I fumble around with them trying every which way to get into them and I cannot not. I don't want my caramels to last all month! The CIA should employ this torture method with the prisoners at GTMO. I assure you, they would start talking.

At least my Jelly Bellies are in a gumball machine and are easily accessible so long as they don't spill out of my hand onto the counter.

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