Monday, May 18, 2009


Starbucks grande brewed, straight up. Best thing in the world in the morning. Oils my system and gets me going. Writing to you from Starbucks at Kipling and Florida, just 6 minutes from my early morning destination.

I took a surprise trip to Estes Park yesterday. Saw some beautiful elk on the way. You can see the pictures on yesterday's Facebook entry. I also ate a Leo's Deli. You can see his picture on Facebook, also. I saw a new coffee shop there, too, but didn't try it.

Leo's is not real easy to find. You have to get off the main drag and fallow a path along the Big Thompson behind the indoor mall and next to the theater. Although it was the noon hour, there was no waiting. You can sit inside or out. You can get your sandwiches hot or cold. This was a nice change-up from Sub-Way. When you walk in the door he greets you, finds out where you are from,  shakes your hand, and hands you a menu. Once you pick out your sandwich he makes it easy for you by asking all the right questions and verbally telling you all the options. Then he makes your sandwich and brings it out to where ever you are sitting. And the sandwich is really good, but more expensive than Sub-Way. The extra expense is worth it. 

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