Monday, June 1, 2009


I didn't wake of very rested because of an early morning dream. 

Audrey and I and Rana were  in New York City. This was when we were much younger and Rana was just a toddler. Audrey had just stepped onto the rear of this tram with Rana in her arms. The tram was just pulling away. I ran as fast as I could to catch up to the tram, and finally did and got aboard the rear. By this time Audrey had made her way to the front. Rather than fight the crowd to get to her, I had decided to wait until we were to get off. Somehow we got separate and I never saw Audrey and Rana again.

I searched all over in vain. I even tried calling her on my cell phone. But the operator came on the line and asked if if would be all right if he connected me later.

I found my way to a seedy restaurant and found a booth back in the corner where I continued to make cell phone calls with the same response from the operator. I was really scared and frantic. I thought Audrey and Rana would be lost forever. 

While I was sitting back in this booth, two tough guys came up to me and informed me that I was in their booth and that I had better get out. I told them that I didn't realize that it was their booth. They said that they always sit there and that it is their booth. I explained that I didn't see anything in the booth that had indicated that it had been taken. They said, "Are you arguing with us?" And they pulled out switchblades. I explained that my wife and daughter were lost in the city and I was trying to find them. They said, "Oh ya! Blame it on them!" I told them that I would be moving on. They said, "Too late, buddy." Then they started moving in on me.

Before I could take their knives away from them and tear them apart with my bare hands, I woke up. Audrey was right there beside me and Rana was no where to be seen. All was well again. Except, I wasn't very rested.

I'm still mad at the phone operator for not connecting us.

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