Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank God for Coffee

I'm tired, but the coffee is good. Blessed coffee. Early mornings, hard work, aching legs, little sleep. Coffee makes up for it all. I'm enjoying a cup at Starbucks right now before I head to work. At least my client will notice that I am awake. Being awake is a good thing when you are going up on a roof. 

Ah, yes, roofs. My clients don't like being on their own roofs. They pay higher rates to get someone else to go up there. It's actually safer than walking across the street. Definitely safer than kayaking..... in whitewater. I have never fallen off a roof yet. My ladder went down once. Shimmying down the down spout was an experience. 

Tony is the only guy I know of who fell off a roof. It was a cedar shingle roof, and he was painting. The roof was a little wet after the rain. With a gallon of paint in his hands he started skiing down the roof. When he got to the edge he leaped to the ground. So I guess he didn't really fall of the roof. Thankfully it was only a single story. We had to buy him another gallon of paint.

What's all this got to do about coffee? Well, nothing, really. Except it pays to be awake when you are on a roof. Of course, if you are not awake, you don't really feel it when you hit the ground. I'm not saying that out of experience, though. I'm just trying to tell you one of the benefits of drinking coffee. The best benefit, though, is that it tastes really good. Especially when it is unsweetened, un-creamed, unflavored, and really black (or should I say "no roomed). At Starbucks its "room for cream?" or "No room." They don't understand "black." So I have to order "dark roast, with no room." At home its just "French roast."

Anyway, remember, if you are going up on your roof, drink some coffee first. It will keep you awake as you are climbing up the ladder. You'll need to be even more awake as you are getting back on the ladder to come down. 

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