Monday, June 29, 2009

Fishing With the Grand Kids

As I am sitting here at Billy D's Coffee Shop enjoying a delicious cinnamon roll and cup of coffee, I was thinking about yesterday's fishing trip with two of my grandkids. I actually bought a fishing license for myself to do this.

The first thing we had to do was to pry them out of bed so we could get ready to go. A half hour later,  we pried them out of bed again. 

While they were eating breakfast and getting ready, I got the rods ready, rewound a reel, talked to the neighbor for a good long while, packed some beverages and snacks. Then I prodded them to finish getting ready.

Then we loaded up and headed for the Georgetown Reservoir. This was an hour on the road through one of the prettiest parts of the world. They had their nose in books all the way. 

We arrived, and I prepared two lines for the kids. I started them out with worms, a weight, but no bobbers as the fish were on the bottom. Well, the kids got bored watching their line just disappear into the water, so I put bobbers on for them to watch. The bobbers kept drifting to the right with the current, so they had to keep re-casting their lines. I'm sure they scared every fish away, but they were having fun watching their bobbers. They equate bobber watching with fishing as neither one of them has ever caught a fish. 

They lost their bait a couple of times so I told them they must have had a bite. They said no, "See, it is over there floating in the water." So after about forty-five minutes of bobber watching we loaded up and headed for Burger King. I ordered fish. They ordered the usual. Each of us had a 50% chance of winning a prize. None of us won. After Burger King, we headed for home. We drove through some of the most beautiful country in the world. They had their noses in books. 

It was a great fishing trip. I wonder when I can take them bobber watching again.

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