Thursday, June 4, 2009


Regardless of what the economy is doing, Goldman Sachs is doing great! Since the market bottomed out three months ago, GS has gone from $47 per share to a close today of $149 per share. They also received an upgrade today. More upgrades will follow. Strong financials usually precede market recoveries, and right now the financials are leading the way. 

Other stocks that are leading the way are Noble Corporation (NE) and TransOcean (RIG). These are both deep sea drilling companies showing good balance sheets and great potential. These companies each have good analyst ratings.

AK Steel has been one of the best performing stocks over the past few years and is currently surging. Ford Motor (F) is also surging. I'm also betting on Citigroup (C). Citigroup has poor analyst ratings, but is getting well, and their stock is cheap, really cheap.

You can't recoup your losses with CDs and money markets. Recouping requires some level of risk. Someone recently accused me of gambling. He's right, I'm gambling on the market and the economy. But I am also choosing wisely and spreading my risk over several stocks (actually options). 

Believe me, good stocks make your coffee taste even better.

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